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Script 2!

Sorry guys im a day late with the Script. can everyone reply to this post and tell me what day and time would be best for them so we can try and do a group chat? this is very important thanks!

-At the store where Mrs. Del Rossi works-

*Marco is posing in a photo booth and for the last picture Dylan comes in and kisses him on the cheek*

Marco: You know my mother works here right?

Dylan: It's not like she saw us.

Marco: Hey ma!

Mrs. Del Rossi: So you took the pictures?

Marco: Yeah and they all turned out horrible.

Mrs. Del Rossi: If papa gets to make your elections signs, I get to choose the shot.

*Marco hands her the pictures after he ripped the bottom one off*

Mrs. Del Rossi: Shouldn't there be four?

Marco: No there's just three.

Mrs. Del Rossi: What are you talking about, horrible? Every one of these says president to me.

Marco: Alright. I'll see you at home ma. Bye.

*They walk away and Dylan speeds up ahead of Marco*

Marco: Dylan! Dylan! Wait up! Dylan! Where are you going?

Dylan: Back to my dorm.

Marco: Ok then. Take this with you. *hands him the bottom picture* Make your dorm mates jealous.

Dylan: They're straight.

Marco: Make them uncomfortable.

Dylan: Actually they don't have a problem with me being gay. I'm your boyfriend Marco!

Marco: I know.

Dylan: Yeah, well you're the only one in your family that does. *hands him the picture back*

Marco: Babe-

Dylan: I'll call you later.

-At Paige's locker-

Marco: Paige. Hey I tried calling you last night.

Paige: So said the call display! Not as many times as my brother though. Do you think I'd make a good travel agent? I so need a job.

Marco: Wait you talked to Dylan?

Paige: In between repeated calls to Spinner.

Marco: Weird. He said he was gonna phone me last night.

Paige: He was probably busy studying or joining secret societies. Whatever they do at university.

Marco: Should I be worried? Paige!

Paige: Dylan's hard to read ok? He has his little tantrum.

*Paige walks into Alex who's sitting on the floor*

Paige: Ow.

Alex: Try looking where you're walking.

Paige: Ice patches, bottomless pits, dog crap and Alex! Pedestrian hazards to avoid.

Alex: Nice shirt. Hate to bloody it.

Paige: Nice attitude. Hate to deflate it by reminding you that you're a loser.

Alex: Really? Who decided that?

Paige: Everybody. Majority rules on these matters sweetie.

-In another area the school-

Chris: So. Why do girls always make your hair bigger?

Emma: Why are you guys always catching us doing embarrassing stuff?

Chris: How you been?

Liberty: Good morning. Who else is ready to say gouda or perhaps goutier?

Chris & Emma: Hey Liberty.

Emma: Um hey Chris I'm sorry with what happened in the summer.

Chris: Maybe we could go for a shake sometime.

Emma: Yeah, maybe.

-In another place of the school-

Alex: Gay kid! Hey!

*Marco keeps walking*

Alex: I said hey!!

Marco: You also said 'gay kid'. Something I tend not to answer to thanks.

Alex: Okay school president, Mr. Prez, big guy! That more you?? This election thing. What are the issues?

Marco: Look I'm sorry Paige was rude to you okay?

Alex: Doesn't matter. C'mon. Answer my questions like you care.

Marco: Save it for the assembly Alex.

Mr. Simpson: Hey Marco! Hope you're ready for a horserace!

Marco: Alex is running??

Mr. Simpson: Tells me she's hungry for blood. At any rate she's got a lot of kids talking already and not about you.

-Outside the school-

Liberty: Is this seat taken?

Chris: I'm sorry, crispy bacon?

Liberty: Is this seat taken?!

Chris: No, no, no. Go ahead, sit down! Uh Buck 65.

Liberty: For the headphones?

Chris: That's who's on the system. *Takes off his headphones and they both listen to it*

Liberty: I like this part.

Chris: Yeah.

Liberty: I've always wanted to broaden my knowledge of popular music.

Chris: Professor Chris at your service!

Liberty: Really?

Chris: Yeah.

Liberty: Maybe we could go to the record store sometime or CD shop,whatever. I'll buy you a falafel

Chris: It's a date.

-In the cafeteria-

Paige: Alex?!

Craig: As in most likely to succeed in killing someone? Alex? Hand me your nomination form. You need cash or whatever, I'm here.

Spinner: Hang posters.

Hazel: Hand out fliers.

Paige: Whatever it takes to help!

Marco: Alex's campaign is an illiterate catchphrase. I'm not so worried.

*Marco turns on his phone*

Marco: I'll see you guys later.

Craig and Spinner: Later.

Hazel: No, Marco's not worried at all.

Paige: Not about Alex. Let's just say Siegfried might be looking for a new Roy.

Marco: Dylan! Hey can we talk?

Dylan: Now's not a good time Marco.

Marco: Ok I just had this really huge day. There's someone running against me now.

Dylan: That's what happens at elections right?

Marco: Right. Uh you forgot to call me last night.

Dylan: After the thing with the pictures I came back to my dorm and uh I did a lot of thinking.

Marco: Dylan c'mon! It was just a stupid picture!

Dylan: It's not just a picture Marco and I can't do this anymore. I'm sorry. Not like this. I got to go.

-In Mr. Armstrong's class-

Mr. Armstrong: Liberty you wanna give it a try?

Emma: *whispers* Liberty!!

Liberty: Uh buck 65??

Mr. Armstrong: Nice try. JT? Okay let's try this one more time.

Manny: Em! Liberty's losing her math. It must be love.

Emma: You always think that and Liberty has dyscalculia remember?

*Manny grabs Liberty's notebook and it falls on the floor*

Mr. Armstrong: Girls! The class is up here and Manny so are you. *hands her the chalk while she flips open Liberty's book and puts it on Emma's desk*

*Emma looks at the notebook and sees 'Liberty + Chris' written on it and gives Liberty a look*

-At Marco's house-

Mr. Del Rossi: Hey Marco! Where you go?! You don't want to see your posters?!

Marco: Yeah sure.posters.

Mr. Del Rossi: Hey your mom and I are very proud of you. We are going to come to the assembly for your victory speech.

Marco: Um actually papa, there's competition now.

Mr. Del Rossi: That's okay. Then these should help you win. See your mama, she pick the perfect picture. President. That's you!

Marco: Yeah, yeah it's me.

*Marco gets up and goes to his room, then his Mrs. Del Rossi enters*

Marco: I have to write a speech.

Mrs. Del Rossi: Marco, what's wrong?

Marco: The fact that I'm gonna actually have to eventually deliver a set speech.

Mrs. Del Rossi: Marco.

Marco: Relationship stuff ma. I met this person last year and well we. Look people break up. I'll be fine, it's not a big deal.

Mrs. Del Rossi: I didn't know you had a girlfriend.

Marco: I don't.

Mrs. Del Rossi: So it was Dylan.

Marco: What? Dylan's my friend ma. I'm not gay*starts crying* I am. Ma I'm gay.

*Both of them are crying now, Marco on his bed and Mrs. Del Rossi in the doorway*

-Outside walking-

Manny: So. Liberty and Chris!

Emma: It's a crush, big deal!

Manny: A date tomorrow after school. Liberty sees an opportunity, she goes for it. She's like a rabid wolverine.

-Inside the school-

Paige: So I've got ear cancer. Thanks. Last night Dylan had me on the phone for three hours all worried and since sanity's fled you I'm worried too.

Marco: I came out to my mom last night.

*Paige hugs Marco excitedly*

Paige: I love you! You know that right?

Marco: Yeah. I just hope she still does you know? I mean she seemed a little alright she seemed a lot-

Paige: You've had a year of being gay Marco, she's had a night, of you being gay! Ok! I am SO calling Dylan right now!

*Alex rips off a couple of Marco’s posters*

Marco: Hey! Hey!! What are you doing?!

Alex: Most you can spend on your campaign is $40.

Paige: Um they were for free. His dad is-

Alex: Doesn't matter. Unfair advantage.

Marco: Why are you doing this?

Alex: Because you're running and because I can.

Marco: Nobody's gonna vote for you. Nobody!

Alex: Not yet.

Marco: Not ever!! Unless they open up votes to high school drop outs or your parole officer.

Alex: We'll see. We'll ask the crowd at the assembly tomorrow, see what they say. Would you rather vote for a freak or a queer. By the way I'm the freak.

-Inside the school during gym class-

Emma: Nice form.

Chris: Don' tease me.

Emma: You know what you said yesterday about getting back together? I'd really,really like that.

Chris: I said don' tease me.

Emma: I' not. What about tomorrow after school?

Chris: Tomorrow? I got..

Emma: Ok. I just thought we could start this year off right.

Chris: I'l see what I can do.

Emma: And I was teasing you about your form you know! It's awful! *playfully pushes him as Liberty watches the two of them.*

-Walking outside the school-

Manny: Okay tomorrow after school I'm gonna come over and I'm gonna loan you the coolest new skirt.

Emma: Okay and I need this why?!

Manny: For the whole get Chris back thing! I mean those legs of yours, they're a killer asset!

Emma: I'm not trying to get him back.

Manny: But you love him. I can see it in your eyes.

Emma: I never said that.

Manny: Okay I'm totally confused,

Emma: I didn't want him to go on a date.

Manny: Because you're jealous?

Emma: Of Liberty Van Zandt?!? Yeah.

Manny: You're embarrassed?!

Emma: You wouldn't be? What are people gonna think of me if Chris goes out with Liberty next?

Manny: That's the meanest thing I've ever you say and that's really saying something.

-At Marco's House-

Marco: Maybe we can tell papa that the assembly is student's only. Parents are not allowed.

Mrs. Del Rossi: You would lie to him like that?

Marco: Well maybe.maybe we don't have to. Maybe Alex is just bluffing, trying to freak me out before my speech.

Mrs. Del Rossi: And if she's not?

Marco: Look I don't know what to do ma!

Mrs. Del Rossi: It...it breaks my heart that because you are gay these people will hate you.

Marco: Ma nobody hates me!

Mrs. Del Rossi: This girl.

Marco: Yeah but that's not because I'm-

Mr. Del Rossi: I'm home!! Hey! The posters! They work good Marco?

Marco: I'm dropping out of the election. Look I talked to the president from last year and he said it's a lot of work.

Mr. Del Rossi: No, no Marco. You will do it!

Marco: But my studies will fall.

Mr. Del Rossi: For running I am proud of you! But not quitting. No, don't make me less proud.

*Marco and Mrs. Del Rossi hug as his dad leaves the room*

-At school-

Emma: Hey Liberty! I think I'm actually voting for Alex today. You?

Liberty: You're dead to me.

Emma: What?

Liberty: Manny told me. Jealousy's really ugly Emma.

Emma: No, no, no Liberty. It's just hard for me letting Chris go, that's all.

Liberty: Well guess what? It's easy for me letting you go - straight to hell!

-In the hallway-

Alex: I feel like I’m gonna barf.

Jay: Don't tell me you're serious about these stupid elections.

Marco: Alex!!

Alex: Just who I wanted to see. What?

Marco: Yesterday when you said you'd call me gay in front of the whole school-

Alex: I was gonna call you queer, but if you prefer gay.

Marco: I don't. Thanks. Look you have an actual chance at winning this.

Alex: You think?

Marco: So call me gay, queer, whatever, but is that how you want to fight? Or do you wanna try and win this election for real?

Jay: Save it for Ms. Sauve!

-In the auditorium-

Alex: It's always the same. Some pretty boy or girl wants to be president and me,WE sit out while they have their special dances or trips nobody can afford. So I say screw 'em! Screw student council. No dances, no trips, nothing.not if it's gonna be just like last year. Take a chance and vote for me, it won't be like last year. I will make changes, where they count! So it's up to you Degrassi. What are you gonna do? Are you gonna vote for the freak....or the pretty boy? You’ll have more fun with the freak.

Mr. Raditch: Thank you Alex. Up next is Marco Del Rossi.

*cheering for Marco in the audience*

Marco: Look she's right. No, Alex is right. The school is split. But where she's wrong. Look. C'mon it's not the presidents job to remind us that we're freaks. I mean I do that fine all by myself.

Jay: *pretending to cough* Queer!

Mr. Raditch: Mr Hogart! I'll see you after in my office!

Marco: Hey! Queer? Sure. Odd? Why not. Strange? You bet! I love this school and I promise if you vote for me I will bring Degrassi together in freakish harmony for the first time. For real. Thank you.

*People clapping and cheering for him*

-In the hall at school-

Liberty: *On the TV screen* The first council meeting will be Thursday at lunch and last but not least your student council president is Marco Del Rossi!

Alex: Out of my way.

Marco: I get to pick my vice president.

Alex: I get to pick my nose.

Marco: Alex....

Alex: I don't play well with others.

Marco: Good. I'm not asking you to play. I really liked your speech, but most important I think you can bring a lot to the position.

Alex: Thursday right?

Marco: Bring your lunch!

*Marco sees Dylan and the two of them walk outside*

Dylan: Congratulations Mr. President. So, what does it feel like to be the most powerful man at Degrassi?

Marco: Mixing me up with Mr. Raditch eh? Not cool, nor flattering.I really liked you being here today Dylan, probably because I just plain old like you. I told my mom.

Dylan: Paige told me.

Marco: But I'm not ready to tell me dad. Not yet.

Dylan: You're eventually going to have to tell him,but uh when you're ready and I'm okay with that part!

Mr. Del Rossi: Hey Mr. President! That's our new president! I'm so happy for him. So! How much you win by?!

Marco: I won! Let's leave it at that.

Mr. Del Rossi: I still think you could have used more posters! Marco! That boy! What he called out! And what you answer back! What is that?

Marco: Dirty politics. I mean I guess queer was the worst thing he thought he could call me you know?

Mr. Del Rossi: Still! You make me and your mama very proud of you today!

Mrs. Del Rossi: Very proud. Didn't he Dylan?

Dylan: He won Mrs. Del Rossi and I think that's great!

*Mrs. Del Rossi kissed Marco on the cheek and her and Mr. Del Rossi left leaving Marco and Dylan together
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