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This weeks script!

Hey everyone! starting today, on Mondays I will post the script for the week! This week is Ghost in the Machine! So on Fridays everyone please try and get on around 5 or 6 esp if you are a major character for that episode! thanks!

-In the drive-in: Paige, Spinner, Marco, Jimmy, Hazel-

Paige: Oh I want to get more of those sour things!

*As Spinner tries to kiss her something gross happens in the movie*

Paige: Ew! Wow romantic.

Paige: And since I’m as hungry as Paris Hilton looks.

*Paige pulls Marco out from the car*

Paige: Come on. There is no way you’re surviving the sludge eating fest on your own love.

Marco: Did you see how those veins were dangling from his severed head!!

Paige: I was distracted by her huge silicone investments.

*Spinner shakes his head and walks away*

-Outside at Marco’s van, unpacking Dylan’s stuff-

Marco: It’s the heaviest box in the world. Ahh.

Dylan: Don’t make me laugh. I’ll drop this on your toe!! Come here.

*Dylan takes Marco’s hand and kisses him*

Marco: What was that for?!

Dylan: For being so darn cute. For helping me move. For borrowing your dads van.

Paige: For telling your dad a fantastic lie about who needed to borrow it.

Paige: All I know is you owe us Dylan for making us do this on labor day. The official funeral of summer vacation.

Dylan: Well consider me your living, breathing VIP pass to every dorm party this year.

Marco: And the first one oh in only 54 hours!

Paige: Grade 11 with dorm parties. Having cake. Eating cake too. And uh won’t you be the life of my all year party Mr. Pouty.

Spinner: Yeah like you’d wanna party with me!

Paige: Okay what’s the problem?

Spinner: You’re my girlfriend. That’s the problem.

Paige: Spinner!

Spinner: We’re always with 3 thousand people and if we’re not you invite them.

Paige: Um Dylan’s moving and Marco’s his boyfriend. They have to be here.

Spinner: We’re never alone okay? You make me feel like some kind of leopard.

Paige: Leper. The word is leper.

Paige: I’m sorry. Okay? I’m sorry. It won’t always be like this.

Spinner: Really?

Paige: It’ll change. Once that stupid trial is finally over. I promise.

Dylan: Lovebirds! I need someone to help me with my wardrobe. And I need someone to go to Mrs. Vanelli’s to get our pizza.

Paige: I got the pizza.

Marco: How many boxes are left?

Dylan: Oh 25…

*Paige is walking in the park holding a pizza box and she sees Dean with a few people showing off his sporty yellow car*

[[Flashbacks to the night of the party with Paige and Dean in the bedroom]]

Dean: Hey!

Paige: Don’t.

Dean: Wait Paige! I’m not stalking you. We’re in a public park. There’s people everywhere. Can we talk? Just one minute?

*Paige keeps walking*

Dean: So court huh?

Paige: I’m not supposed to talk to you.

Dean: It’s gonna be really horrible going through it all. Your parents hearing the details. My girlfriend, your boyfriend. It was a really long time ago. I’m sorry. I should have listened. It was a huge mistake. If I could go back-

Paige: Do you have a point?

Dean: Why go through this? You could tell them you don’t want to testify. Skip it. It’d be that easy. They’d have to drop the case.

Paige: My brother’s pizza…um it’s getting cold.

Dean: Okay. But you’ll think about it right? Maybe we never see each other again and we can forget.

-At school-

*Spinner is getting

out of his little red car, polishing it off and Emma, Toby and Liberty are walking together*

Emma: Chris and I broke up in July.

Toby: Sorry. Kendra and I broke up in August.

Liberty: Sorry. I believe I was abducted by aliens over Labor Day weekend. And Towerz and I broke up.

Emma and Toby: Sorry.

*They walk into the school as Paige walks by Ellie, Alex, Jay and Sean*

Paige: Morning Ellie!

Ellie: Hey Paige! Great outfit!

Paige: New year, new look, new Paige.

Ellie. Just because Princess Prissy talks to you doesn’t mean you have to answer her.

Paige: I’m going, I’m going.

Sean: As usual. Glad we’re guys. *Sean and Jay do some hand shake thing*

-In the school, Manny and JT are walking in the halls-

Manny: Aww! They’re so cute. Remember when we were that afraid of Degrassi?

JT: Remember when we were that short!

New student: Do you know where the principal’s office is?

JT: Yeah it’s downstairs, through the foyer and to the left.

New student: Good go on down. I need to spend time alone with your girlfriend.

*JT pushes him away*

-At Craig’s Locker, all decorated for his birthday-

*Ashley accidentally bumps into Craig*

Craig: Ashley?...Did you? *she walks away*

Craig: Nice going Craig. Really uh, really really smooth.

Marco: Oh hey happy birthday buddy!

Craig: Wow! Uh you hit the mall lately?

Marco: You think it was easy finding those streamers and musical notes.

Craig: No, I meant your outfit!

Marco: You like it?

Craig: Yeah man and I love the locker, thanks.

Marco: No problem!

Craig: Man are you dating anybody? I’m serious!

-At the lockers-

Spinner: Think Paige will be mad if I put up a picture of Mandy Moore?

Jimmy: I saw her. In L.A. when that scout who liked me took the whole camp to see a Lakers game. Are you listening?

Spinner: Maybe Hilary Duff will be better.

Jimmy: Why? Why would that be better?

Spinner: She looks more like Paige.

Paige: I’d rather look like Lindsay Lohan.

Jimmy: Aren’t you at court today?

Paige: I always wanted an assistant to handle my calendar. Thanks Jim. But it was supposed to be tomorrow.

Spinner: Wait, supposed?!

Paige: Not going. Don’t really see the point.

Spinner: I do!

Paige: K, then you can go!

Spinner: You’re really, you’re not going?!

Paige: Nope!

Spinner: I can’t do this anymore.

Paige: Do what anymore?!

Spinner: This! US!

Jimmy: What was that?!

Paige: Did he just dump me?

-In the school parking lot-

Paige: Spinner! Gavin! Honeybee!

Spinner: You said everything would be okay…after the trial.

Paige: I don’t NEED the trial. Look it was one night almost 3 years ago. I’ve moved on. You know I have! Look let’s go park someplace tonight ok. Just us.

Spinner: I guess I’d set a pretty bad example if I turned that down.

*Paige kisses him*

-At Joey’s watching a videotape of Caitlin that she sent-

Caitlin: Hey Craig! It’s usually a big load of it when so-called grownups give you that these are the best years of your life stuff, but um my wish for you Craig is that these really are. So happy birthday! Signing off from Thailand. Swatika!(?)

Angie: Now we eat Cake!!

Craig: Hey I am the birthday person here and I’m dying to open my big present Joey.

Joey: Sorry Angie! Craig is right. Cake will have to wait.

*Craig sticks out his arms for something big then sees the envelope and opens it*

Joey: Happy Birthday!

Craig: Holy!! 10 grand!! Joey! I can’t believe you did this!

Joey: No Craig I uh didn’t…

Craig: Wait. This is from my dad’s estate.

Joey: Specified it as a birthday gift. I guess to tide you over until you’re 18 when you get your full inheritance.

Craig: Wow.

Angie: Cake noooow?!

Joey: You okay Craig?

Craig: Yeah I’m fine.

-At night, Paige and Spinner in his car making out-

Paige: Hey um where’d you get this song? Her voice sounds like..

Spinner: Shh *begins to kiss her again*

[[Flashbacks to Dean’s face]]

Spinner: What? Did I do it wrong?

Paige: Sorry!

*Spinner slowly reaches to touch Paige’s breasts*

[[More flashbacks to Dean]]

Paige: No! Stop!!

Spinner: What!?

Paige: Stop! No!! I said no!

Spinner: You’re okay!

Paige: I’m not! I’m not okay!

Spinner: Paige…

Paige: I have to do it. I have to go.

Spinner: I’ll go with you.

-At the courtroom-
Paige: Thanks for being here today mom.

Mrs. Michalchuk: Honey, where else would I be? You’re gonna do great in there!

Paige: I just want this all to end.

Mrs. Michalchuk: I know. And it will.

Paige: When he goes to jail!

Mrs. Michalchuk: Remember what we talked about in counseling Paigey. About why we’re doing this! So you can get some closure, feel heard.

Spinner: Paige!! Hey Paige. Hey Mrs. Michalchuk.

Mrs. Michalchuk: Hello Gavin.

*Dean gets out of his car*

Mrs. Michalchuk: Ignore him. He can’t hurt you.

Paige’s Lawyer: Morning all. Rose could I just have a minute please?

Mrs. Michalchuk: You’ll be okay?

*Paige nods*

Spinner: I hate that guy.

Paige: You should go home Spin. I don’t want you hearing all this.

Spinner: I know what happened.

Paige: Not the details. When you hear them…picture it. It’ll keep playing on the VCR in your head. Rewind, pause, play. Rewind, pause…you can’t stop it. You’ll dump me and I’ll die alone with my 6 cats.

Spinner: Paige, I’ll never dump you.

Paige: Hello, you did it yesterday.

Spinner: Yeah, but that was a test. I can’t dump a girl as cool as you. And you just being here, doing this, is amazingly cool.

Paige: Let’s get this over with.

-In the courtroom-

Dean’s Lawyer: Ms. Michalchuk. Did you go upstairs willingly with my client? Did you not in fact suggest it?

Paige: Yeah.

Dean’s Lawyer: Why’d you do that?

Paige: I just thought…

Dean’s Lawyer: What. Play pinnacle? Crazy eights?

Paige’s Lawyer: Objection your honor.

Judge: Please rephrase the question.

Dean’s Lawyer: What were your intentions with going up to that bedroom?

Paige: I just thought we would be alone together.

Dean’s lawyer: And you find my client attractive?

Paige: Yes. I did. Before.

Dean’s lawyer: My client put his hand inside your blouse, did you immediately reject him? Slap him? For the record please.

Paige: No.

Dean’s lawyer: This is very difficult for you I know, but when my client touched your breast how did you respond? Did you enjoy it?

Paige: No. Well at first yeah.

Dean’s lawyer: You’re telling us that you did. Ms. Michaelchuk, did my client ever hold a gun to your head? A knife to your throat? A grenade?

Paige: No.

Dean’s Lawyer: Did he not in fact wear a condom?

Paige: Yeah but that doesn’t make him-

Dean’s Lawyer: You could show me how he managed to open one of these and roll it onto his penis without offering you a chance to get away - if you wanted to.

Paige: I said no! He is bigger than me! Stronger…I was afraid. I’m not sure.

Dean’s Lawyer: Oh so you don’t know! How many men have you had sex with Miss Michaelchuk?

Paige’s Lawyer: Objection!

Paige: Actually I’d like to answer that. That was my only experience and I certainly would not have chosen to lose my virginity upstairs at a house party with a guy I’d known an hour.

-In a classroom -

*Craig is drawing music notes*

Ashley: Those are backwards.

Craig: Thanks.

Ashley: Listen, I didn’t mean to be all weird yesterday.

Craig: You weren’t weird. You just ignored me…which I guess is sort of weird. Sorry, now I’m being weird.

Ashley: Look. I was hoping we could be friends but as soon as I saw you…

Craig: You got sucked into some bizarre last year time warp?

Ashley: Yeah…so good birthday?

Craig: Also weird.

Ashley: Weird good?

Craig: Well my freak of a dad left me this check for 10 grand in his will.

Ashley: Are you serious?

Craig: Yeah the guy is half eaten by worms and he’s still trying to buy me.

Ashley: Hey your dad owes you. Maybe he was just trying to make it up a little

Craig: Well Joey gave me this lecture about investing it for my future blah, blah, blah, but I’m going to rip the check up. I don’t want it.

Ashley: Do you have any idea how much fun you could have with that much money?

Mr. Armstrong: Alright grade 11. Time to start really preparing you for university math!

-Back in the courtroom-

Bailiff: All rise!

Paige: It’s good that she’s ready with the verdict already right?

Paige’s Lawyer: Sure, yeah, sure it is.

The Judge: Ms. Michalchuk’s testimony was extremely compelling and I want to applaud her for having the courage and the strength for doing what she did here today. It’s the kind of case that keeps me awake at night ‘cause it’s not the kind a justice in my position wants to hear. Given that there are no eyewitnesses and no physical evidence I have no choice but to find the defendant not guilty. Mr. Walton you are free to go.

-In Paige’s bedroom-

*Someone knocks on her bedroom door*

Paige: Just tell them to go mom. How hard is it?

Marco: Uh was I supposed to hear that?

Paige: You know I have zero style. I hate everything I own.

Marco: So leave it. Come to Dylan’s!

Paige: Yeah, because everyone loves partying with a wretched, badly dressed, rape victim loser.

Marco: Paige you’re not a loser ok? Besides we weren’t even thinking that.

Paige: K well I am along with um: what’s the point?! Why bother?

Marco: Look. I felt the exact same way when I got bashed. I just wanted to change my skin…just stop being. The fact that those guys never even got caught…

Paige: Of course not. What a joke.

Marco: Look, grade 11’s your year remember. You can’t let him control you.

Paige: Marco I just lost my case 3 hours ago. Dean was found not guilty of raping me.

Marco: I know… Paige I’m sorry ok…just.

Paige: What?! You’re just what Marco?

*Marco stands up to leave*

Paige: I’ll be down in a minute.

-Outside Dylan’s-

Spinner: Hey um this afternoon…

Paige: Didn’t happen!!

Spinner: Honeybee I’m sorry.

Paige: We’re not talking about it okay.

Spinner: Well if you don’t feel like partying.

Paige: I didn’t say that.

Spinner: Or if you feel like leaving early…

Paige: I didn’t say that either!

Spinner: Just let me know, I’ll take you home.

Paige: Do you want me to have a bad time? Hazel! I came to party, not stroll through the park okay!

Marco: Come on Spin! Let’s go make some soup!

-At the music store-

Ashley: How beautiful is this?!

Craig: Is that a 62 Stratocaster?

Salesperson: Uh 69! Master built American.

Ashley: Sunburst finish. Classic.

Salesperson: Rosewood Fret board.

Ashley: 3 way switch with fazing.

Salesperson: It’s got all the original hardware.

Craig: I feel like I’m in church.

Salesperson: You think you could put that back now? It’s worth over 4 grand!

Craig: I’ll take it. My dad would hate it!

Ashley: Perfect!

-At the party-

*Spinner puts his arms around Paige and Paige breaks free. While she’s walking away she bumps into some girl and pushes her into the wall*

Paige: What?!

*Hazel is sitting on the floor with the girl Paige pushed*

Spinner: Paige?

*Spinner is looking for Paige while she’s off dancing and doing body shots with some random guy and then Spinner comes over to take her away*

Spinner: Hey!! *He pushes the guy away*

Paige: *laughing* Sorry he gets jealous.

*Spinner grabs Paige and pushes her into a room*

Paige: I did make you jealous!

Spinner: Okay. Put me in traction for asking whatever but what the hell is going on with-

*Paige tries taking off Spinner’s shirt*

Paige: Wow you’re so tough.

Spinner: What are you doing?!

Paige: What do you mean?!

Spinner: Paige!

Paige: What?! I’m easy! Everyone knows it. The judge, my mother, now you! Like Dean! Just get me alone, do whatever you want. No one will stop you. What? You don’t want me?

Spinner: Not right now, no.

Paige: ‘Cause Dean got there first?

Spinner: You have to let that go!

Paige: You want me to just let it go? Like someone was rude or stole my seat at lunch.

Spinner: No that’s not what I…! I just, I want my girlfriend back. I want Paige back!

Paige: You don’t even know her.

Spinner: That’s stupid.

Paige: The truth? Paige went upstairs that night. She never came back. You know what I would really like, if I never had to see your idiotic face again!! Okay, how about that?

*Spinner leaves and slams the door while Paige finds Spinners keys on the bed and takes them*

-At Joey’s house, Craig and Ashley come in-

Joey: Hey, hey guys. Keep it down. Angie is sleeping.

Craig: Oh Joey, Remember Ashley? The bad influence?

Ashley: It was burning a hole in your pocket. I was trying to help!

Craig: Well uh. She MADE me do this!

Ashley: Did not!

*Craig opens the guitar case*

Joey: Is that a Fender Strat?!

Craig: Yep! Exactly like Hendricks had! And it’s all mine!

Joey: Wow, what did this set you back? $400? What 6? 650?

Craig: Uh 4 grand…It’s the real thing. It’s a piece of history.

Joey: Enjoy it. *he walks away*

-In Joey’s garage-

*Craig is playing his new guitar as Joey walks in*

Craig: Got a little ways to go until I sound like 4 grand.

Joey: Little bit…Craig! Craig! I was thinking maybe you could help out with a little rent…the mortgage.

Craig: My dad’s estate gives you money.

Joey: Yeah like 250 a month. That barely keeps you eating pizza. You go through shoes like no one I’ve ever seen.

*Craig starts playing his guitar again*

Joey: Craig Craig!! I heat this garage for you…I mean with the price of hydro…

Craig: Would you ask Angie this?!

Joey: For one thing she’s seven, she eats like a bird, she didn’t just buy herself a four thousand dollar guitar.

Craig: And that’s the only reason it’s different?

Joey: Of course!

Craig: Yeah well I’m not so sure.

-Back at the party-

Jimmy: North Carolina scout is coming back down in December. He wants to see me play ball again.

Hazel: Have you seen Paige?

Spinner: No! I’m sure she’s happy about that.

Hazel: Spinner, I’m worried.

-Cuts to Paige outside another party-

Paige: Oh uh hi. I’m here to see Steve.

Guy at door: Steve?

Paige: Steve. The cute one. Second year. He totally invited me today in line at the bookstore and I was like sure I’ll come by.

Guy at door: Are you 19??

Paige: 20, actually. Just short…

*The guy lets her in and she sees Dean pouring drinks*

Paige: I have to talk to you!

Dean: No you don’t! Not now!

Paige: I have something to say! Actually everyone should hear it!

Dean: Not guilty! Nothing else to say!

Paige: You have to listen to me! Do any of you here know what your buddy is? Do you know what he does?

Dean: Shut up!

Paige: He is a liar! Okay! A liar and a rapist!

Dean: Ex-girlfriend you know! Outside NOW!

Paige: Don’t forget it. I was fifteen!

Dean: I don’t recommend you do that again. I am trying to get into that fraternity.

Paige: This was my life. You raped me!

Dean: Yeah!

Paige: You admit it! Just like that?

Dean: I figure I must have done something wrong if you keep punishing me.

Paige: You didn’t say that in court!

Dean: I must have done something right too. You keep coming back like this.

Paige: I’m not coming back.

Dean: You can’t blame me for wanting some more of this.

Paige: Excuse me?!

Dean: Listen sweetheart. Go home, call your sad little boyfriend. If you want to have fun sometime, call me. You were good!

*Paige gets into Spinner’s car and backs it up into Dean’s car as Spinner walks around the corner and sees everything*

Spinner: Paige!!

Spinner: Stop it! Stop!!

Paige: Spinner!

Spinner: Get out!

Paige: Spinner, relax!

Spinner: Go home!! Just get in the cab and go home! GO!!

[[A bunch of clips to music: Paige getting into a car. Joey sitting at home looking worried. Craig calling Sean then showing up at his house. Joey trying to call someone. Paige at home looking in the mirror. Spinner walking outside and looking at his car that’s totally smashed on the back. Paige lying in bed smiling]]

-In the school counseling office-

Paige’s Counselor: *On the phone* Hi Paige. Chantelle Selvaie(?). We had an 8:45!

Paige: Whoops.

Paige’s Counselor: Don’t worry. Have a seat. Well this isn’t the Paige I expected to see this morning!

Paige: I’ve got multiple personalities. That explains a lot.

Paige’s Counselor: You know what I mean. I want to congratulate you on yesterday. I know things didn’t turn out the way you wanted them to, but the outcomes going to be good for you in the future because you did the right thing, the only thing by going to court. The justice system isn’t perfect but I watched it help you to find your voice again and to heal. You’ve triumphed over your rapist morally because you’ve been honest.

Paige: Sure. Thanks.

-In a classroom-

Paige: You ok?

Spinner: Hope it felt good.

Paige: A little. How’s the uh Love Mobile? I’ll get a job ok. I’ll give you the money to fix it. Whatever it takes.

Ms. Hatzilakos: Gavin you’re wanted outside.

*Outside the cops are taking evidence from his car as Spinner is crying while being taken away by the cops*

-In the computer lab-

Ashley: You know you guys should try going a little more post-Emo. Still punk, but less mopey.

Craig: I don’t think the other guys even know what regular emo is. Spinner probably thinks it’s a muppet.

Mr. Simpson: Ooh fries and gravy! Good on a plate, not so good on a keyboard.

Craig: I’ll be careful. No worries.

Mr. Simpson: You wanna tell your dad that? The uh no worries part. Called me last night…this morning.

Craig: I don’t have a dad.

Ashley: See you in class.

Craig: Yeah bye.

Mr. Simpson: It’ll break Joey’s little heart to hear you talk like that.

Craig: He’d probably make me pay for it, because apparently I’m the bank of Craig.

Mr. Simpson: Joey stepped up when no one else was going to. That takes a lot. A lot of guts and a lot of commitment. What you owe him is a little more respect than you’re showing him right now! *He snatches the food out of Craig’s hand*

-In Paige’s Bedroom-

*Paige’s phone starts to ring*

Paige: Hello?

Spinner: Paige!

Paige: Where are you!!

Spinner: Cop shop 55.

Paige: You didn’t make me your one phone call Spin.

Spinner: Failure to remain at the scene of an accident, mischief, and dangerous driving. I’m scared.

Paige: You didn’t do anything!!

Spinner: Dean called the police with my license plate number. He told them I did it.

Paige: No-

Spinner: You’ve been through enough okay. I saw you go through enough. You’re safe. I just wanted to tell you.

Cop: Time’s up. Your mother’s here.

Spinner: Bye Paige.

-At Joey’s House-

*Craig opens the front door and Joey’s standing there inside*

Joey: Craig where have you been?

Craig: I’m just getting my guitar and some clothes. I won’t eat any of your food.

Joey: Craig! Craig!!

Craig: What?

Joey: I might lose my business.

Craig: What?!

Joey: I didn’t want to tell you. I didn’t want you to worry.

Craig: Well you should have said something!

Joey: I’m trying to be the dad here…and instead like an idiot I hit you up for cash!

Joey: So you ask me the stupid rent thing instead…

Joey: My line of credit is shot. My bills they’re huge!

Craig: Look I’ll give you the money Joey. I’ll take my guitar back and you can have it all.

Joey: No.

Craig: Well you have to let me do something.

Joey: I know you want to be a big rock star someday. But if you needed it, I’d like the dealership to be there for you.

-Outside the police station-

Dean: Your boyfriend is dead!

Paige: I did it.

Dean: You wrecked my car? You’re gonna go down for that. I’ll prove it was you.

Paige: Sorry to take away your fun but I’m about to confess. That’s what good people do when they realize they’ve done something wrong.

Dean: That frat didn’t let me in because of you and what you said.

*Paige starts to walk away*

Dean: Hey!! I’m not finished.

Paige: Well I’m very finished with all of this okay. But especially with you! It’s over. I’ve got something to do. Something more important.

*Paige walks into the police station up to the counter*

Paige: Hi, um I’m here about something that happened last night.

-At Joey’s car lot-

Joey: Now this is a gorgeous car! You really should take it for a test drive.

Customer: I don’t think so.

Joey: Oh what could it hurt!

Craig: Cute car! You would look great in it!

Customer: I’ll go get my bag.

Joey: You are a bargain at three times the salary!

Craig: Hey three times free is still free!

-Outside Spinner’s house, he’s trying to fix his car-

Paige: Hi.

Spinner: What happened?

Paige: Well I lost my license, which was exciting and I’m probably stuck with a year of community service.

Spinner: Teaching anger management?

Paige: I think I’d be good at that. I also thought I might embroider ‘On Probation’ on all my clothes…give myself that bad girl edge.

Spinner: So you came by to say jokes?

Paige: I came to say…I don’t know what else to say! I wish I’d never hurt your car…or you.

Spinner: Ok.

Paige: And I meant it when I said I’d pay! Would you like to go out with me? Triple feature at the drive-in this weekend. Sour candies on me!

Spinner: If I get the car in decent shape by then!

Paige: Wrench?

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